Gay Alumni Weekend 

The Davidson College Alumni Office has sponsored two Gay Alumni Weekends, in 2004 and in 2006. Attendance continues to increase, but we need your help to self-identify as someone interested in attending Gay Alumni Weekend. Of course you need not be GLBTQ to attend! If you are interested in being contacted about future Gay Alumni Weekends, please keep in touch with the Davidson College Alumni Office.

Because of the tremendous success of our Email Peter Varney '96 if you are interested in coming! Peter can also help you find out about some GLBTQ-Straight Ally events that will be happening during the Reunion and Homecoming events.  



Keeping in Touch 

Please help the GSA in expanding the perception of Davidson alumni by boldly including in the Davidson Journal Class Notes information on any or all of the following:

  • updates on anniversary celebrations with your partner;

  • pictures of your recent nuptials or civil unions (for residents of those lucky few states);

  • recent publications or job promotions;

  • participation in rallies, marches, or demonstrations; and

  • local gay alumni gatherings.




During Gay Alumni Weekend 2006, a group of about 40 current and past Davidsonians joined in the sunroom of the Blackwell Alumni House. During a discussion which was at times funny and at times painful, several alumni decided to take the initiative to found an alumni network for Davidson's GLBT graduates.

This alumni network has come to be known as the Gay-Straight Alumni Network of Davidson. Indeed a longtime staple at many other competitive liberal arts colleges, Davidson is behind the times in its lack of such a network. One powerful idea during Gay Alumni Weekend 2006 was to model the G-SAND loosely on the Black Alumni Network. Established in 1988 by the Alumni Association, the Black Alumni Network has the following stated goals:

  • enhancing the quality of black student life;

  • facilitating the admission of black students;

  • monitoring the college's commitment to diversity;

  • encouraging participation of black alumni in alumni affairs;

  • providing social interaction and communication for black alumni; and

  • addressing specific concerns of, and advocating for, black students and alumni.

Certainly such goals are quite appropriate for a potential GAN. If you are interested in voicing your opinion on the need for a GAN for Davidson students and graduates, please contact the Alumni Director or the appropriate Administrator. If nothing else, please realize how powerful a united alumni voice can be in changing life at Davidson College! Of course members of the current GSA are excited to help in the creation of a GAN, but we cannot do it alone!


Gay Alumni E-mail List 

If you are a Davidson alumni and want to join the Gay Alumni E-mail List, please e-mail us. Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or a straight ally, join this e-mail list to keep up with GSA happenings, upcoming alumni events, and networking opportunities with students and alumni.



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