Being Gay at Davidson:

A compilation of  student narratives


          This website is the product of a semester's worth of work.  Therefore, it doesn't encompass everything.  However, I do think that you'll find that there are a variety of experiences in the following pages and a variety of types of people who have agreed to share.  I believe that this has the potential to be useful in several regards.  First and foremost, my hope is that this website will be useful for people who are questioning their sexuality or are thinking about coming out at Davidson.  As one of the people I interviewed said, "I can only tell you my experiences."  Included in this website are thirteen experiences.  Yours of course will be different. 

            If you have found this website because you are a perspective student and are wondering what gay life at Davidson is like: read on.  Then, contact Georgia Ringle, our health educator. She can pair you with a student who will be more than happy to tell you what he/she knows.  Unfortunately, I am about to graduate.  If you have questions about the website I will only have intermittent email access.

             Lastly, the students have provided reflections on how the Davidson Community could improve its attention to LGBT students.  The ideas that are included range from suggestions on how to attract more gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual people to Davidson to advice about what to say if someone comes out to you.

            To the right are the full interview responses of each person.   All of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.  One final note, some of the interviews have explicit language in them, which is indicated at the top of those interviews. 

                                                                   Thanks for reading, Kirsten






Full interviews                                            .        Interview # 1(Kris)

         Interview #2  (Andrew)

         Interview #3  (Penny)

         Interview #4  (Kyan)

         Interview #5  (Pink Panther)

          Interview #6  (Eliot)  

          Interview #7  (double duty)

         Interview #8 (Daphnia Rodriguez)

         Interview #9  (S.F.)

          Interview #10 (Nemo)

          Interview #11 (Ganymede)

         Interview #12 (Fyodor)

          Interview #13 (Montez)