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The Crew is made up of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors from all over the United States.  Most of us had no rowing experience prior to coming to Davidson.


The Crew itself is rowing competitively in groups of 1, 2, 4, or 8 against other boats in either “head” style races–a 5,000 meter winding course–or a “sprint” style race–a 2,000 meter straight buoyed course.  Head races are held in the fall semester, and we attend sprint races in the spring.  The larger boats (4- and 8-person) have a coxswain who rides in the boat and is responsible for steering, synchronizing, pacing, and motivating the rowers. 


Practices are generally held in the afternoon with occasional practices in the morning before 8:30 a.m. classes. We practice regularly on the water (rowing in boats) and on land (doing aerobic and weight lifting conditioning exercises).  You can expect six practices a week.  Regattas are generally on Saturdays; generally we’ll leave campus on Friday during the afternoon and return to Davidson Saturday night.


All the water practices will take place at the Davidson College Lake Campus.  We row out of our own boathouse purchased by crew funds only a few years ago.  As of last fall, we have a dock from which to launch our boats as well.  Land practices may occur at the lake campus, on rowing and weight machines in Baker Sports Complex and in Alvarez College Union, and on the cross country trails. 


First, you’ll get the chance to compete against rowing programs from across the nation at nationally competitive regattas.  You’ll get to race against (and even beat) Varsity scholarship rowers at other colleges, making Davidson look great.  Second, you’ll get to see the sunrise, which will definitely provide a way to relax from the stress that school will bring in the coming months.  Third you will get in terrific shape.  Finally, and most importantly, you’ll have an incredible time and make wonderful friends. 

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