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Special Events

Committee Chair: Cameron Joe (Vice President)

This committee is in charge of planning and implementing major events around campus, such as Spring Frolics, Davidson Idol, the Campus Christmas Party, and Casino Night. The Special Events Committee, composed of the Board’s members-at-large, is great for people who like to get involved in major productions and who enjoy working with a larger group of people to complete a project. The members-at-large work alongside the Vice-President to plan special events, usually drawing a large amount of the student body to this committee’s productions. People who have big ideas that they would like to see happen at Davidson should consider applying for a position as a member-at-large.

While the Special Events Committee does not seek additional committee members beyond the members-at-large, student ideas and feedback are always welcome, and may be addressed to the Vice-president, Ana Rodriguez, at unionboard@davidson.edu.

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