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Union Board 2012-2013


Adriana Nassar
Class of 2013

Vice President

Cam Joe
Class of 2014

Garrett Sauey
Class of 2013

Megan Bannon
Class of 2014

Publicity Coordinator
Cam Parker
Class of 2015

Media Coordinator
Anne Sellers
Class of 2015

Ambassador/Member @ Large
Jacob Luftglass
Class of 2015

Artist Series Committee Chair
Ben Gauthier
Class of 2014

Coffeehouse Committee Chair
Ana Pinheiro
Class of 2015

Concerts Committee Chair
Taylor Hogan
Class of 2013

Films Committee Chair
Justin Strickland
Class of 2014

Lake Campus Committee Chair/Member @ Large
Bettina Lemm
Class of 2013

Azalea Tang
Class of 2015

Alex Prusator
Class of 2015

Outpost Committee Chair
Christi Moore
Class of 2015

Recess Committee Chair
Veronica Hudson
Class of 2015

Speakers Committee Chair
Adriana Marquina
Class of 2013

Student Performers Committee Chair
Max Christiansen
Class of 2015

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