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The Films Committee

Committee Chair: Justin Strickland

The Films Committee is responsible for bringing movies to campus and cosponsoring with other student organizations that would like to show a film. The committee show films on Friday or Saturday nights, typically, but also have events such as film festivals or work with other groups on campus to bring a movie to campus that appeals to a certain time in the calendar year, such as a Halloween film, or a meaningful movie for the student body to see. Movies are generally shown in the 900 Room with some exceptions. In the past we have cosponsored with such many groups, such as, most recently, MECCA, and are looking to cosponsor with more this semester. Committee members in no way have to be movie buffs. The committee's purpose is to get an idea of what the student body would like to see and help to make that happen.

Committee members may help with:
     -brainstorming ideas for new events
     -choosing movies to be shown
     -publicizing events
     -setting-up, running, and breaking down

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