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The Concerts Committee

Committee Chair: Taylor Hogan

The Concert Committee is in charge of bringing bands, performers, and comedians to campus. Throughout the year, the Concert Committee has direct input in selecting a number of small to medium size acts and the big show in the spring. The committee tries to attract a diverse range of groups that would appeal to a wide audience of Davidson students so any and all musical/comedic tastes are welcome. Meetings occur monthly and consist of brainstorming and planning concerts for the remainder of the year.

Committee members may help with:
     -planning shows
     -brainstorming/suggesting ideas for
      concerts (small, medium, and large)
     -setup before shows and cleanup after
     -publicity for concerts
     -learning about and participating in the
      behind-the-scenes work that makes a
      concert happen
     -meeting other committee members
      interested in music

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