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2008-2009 Union Board

Christmas Party 2008
Union Board at the 2008 Campus Christmas Party


Ben Van Dyke
UB Position: President

Nicknames: BVD
Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina Class: 2009
Major: Psychology
Childhood Dream Job: Animator for Walt Disney Studios
Favorite Campus Hideout: The Union Board Office or one of those tall tables hidden in the Union beside the pool tables behind the elevator on the third floor.


Allison Ruhe
UB Position: Vice President

Nicknames: Allie, Ruhe-hay
Hometown: Hendersonville, North Carolina
Class: 2010
Major: Psychology
Childhood Dream Job: Librarian (ha ha...) and Actress
Favorite Campus Hideout: The UB Office!


Katie Landers
UB Position: Secretary

Nicknames: K-lan (this is sort of a joke, no one actually calls me this besides my roommate, and fellow Union Board member, Elyse)
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Class: 2011
Major: English (although I haven't declared yet)
Childhood Dream Job: Ballerina
Favorite Campus Hideout: Comfy chairs/couch behind the fireplace on the top floor of the union


Emily Cannon
UB Position: Treasurer

Nicknames: Em, Cannon, The Howitzer
Hometown: Belvedere, California
Class: 2009
Major: English
Childhood Dream Job: This is super lame I know... an Archeologist (in Greece) 
Favorite Campus Hideout: I love hiding in the VAC slideroom and lounge!


Quentin Graham
UB Position: Ambassador

Nicknames: Q-dizzle, Q-Dawg
Hometown: Laurel Hill, North Carolina
Class: 2011
Major: Mathematics
Childhood Dream Job: Paleontologist
Favorite Campus Hangout: The Union (Top Floor)


Alex Pederson
UB Position: Publicity Coordinator

Nicknames: Alicat
Hometown: Toms River, New Jersey
Class: 2009
Major: Psychology
Childhood Dream Job: Figure Skater
Favorite Campus Hangout: The small beach on the other side of the peninsula at lake campus


Austin Bell
UB Position: Media Coordinator (The Davidson Show)

Nicknames: ab, showtime, “Austin”
Hometown: Lexington, North Carolina
Class: 2010
Major: Psychology
Childhood Dream Job: Point guard on the Chicago Bulls
Favorite Campus Hideout: Davidson Show Studio


Kelly Davis
UB Position: Member-at-Large

Nicknames: Any ideas?
Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas
Class: 2011
Major: Mathematics
Childhood Dream Job: Vet or secret service agent who runs along side the president
Favorite Campus Hideout: The cross-country trails


Ian Mangum
UB Position: Member-at-Large/Recess Committee Chair

Nicknames: Mangum
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Class: 2011
Major: Undecided
Childhood Dream Job: Chief Justice
Favorite Campus Hangout: Front Basement of Chambers


Elyse Yarnell
UB Position: Member-At-Large

Nicknames: Any ideas?
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Class: 2011
Major: Economics
Childhood Dream Job: Actress
Favorite Campus Hideout: Computer Lab in Chambers

Jenny Yang

Jenny Yang
UB Position: Lake Campus Committee Chair/Member-at-Large

Nicknames: Yangsta
Hometown: Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Class: 2011
Major: Biology
Childhood Dream Job: Astronaut
Favorite Campus Hideout: Hance Auditorium


DJ Singleterry
UB Position: Coffeehouse Committee Chair

Nickname: Inkredible Hulk
Hometowns: Selbyville, Delaware
Class: 2009
Major: Chemistry
Childhood Dream Job: Pro Athlete
Favorite Campus Hideout: Union


Michael Mellody
UB Position: Concert Committee Chair

Nicknames: The Boss
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Class: 2011
Major: English
Childhood Dream Job: Professional Baseball Player
Favorite Campus Hideout: Balcony of Phi


Megan Bailey
UB Position: Films Committee Chair

Nicknames: Any ideas?
Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Class: 2011
Major: Undecided
Childhood Dream Job: President of the United States   
Favorite Campus Hideout: My room!

Douglas Clark-Brown

Douglas Clark-Brown
UB Position: Artist Series Committee Chair

Nicknames: Doug Red, the Doctor, Super, Supercarrot Jr.
Hometown: Davidson, North Carolina
Class: 2009
Major: Religion
Childhood Dream Job: Cowboy
Favorite Campus Hideout: UB office!

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers
UB Position: Outpost Committee Chair

Nicknames: Any ideas?
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Class: 2009
Major: French (Pre-Med)
Childhood Dream Job: College Football Head Coach
Favorite Campus Hideout: My Apartment


Steve Chu
UB Position: Speakers Committee Chair

Nicknames: Any ideas?
Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Class: 2009
Major: Political Science
Childhood Dream Job: Air Force Pilot
Favorite Campus Hideout: The trails behind F


Anjan Mukherjee
UB Position: Student Performers Committee Chair

Nicknames: "Doctor"
Hometown: Calcutta, India/Chevy Chase, Maryland
Class: 2009
Major: Music
Childhood Dream Job: Hercule Poirot
Favorite Campus Hideout: "Pride Rock"


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