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The Speakers Committee

Committee Chair: Christi Moore

The goal of the speaker's committee is to seek out potential speakers of broad appeal that would pique the interest of the Davidson College community. This year's committee will focus on popular culture and will bring in speakers from a variety of sources that will address relevant social issues by providing insightful social commentary. The Speakers Committee hopes to foster a meaningful connection between the speakers and the interests of the students.

Committee members may help with:
     -Researching potential speakers
     -Raising/gauging overall campus interest
      on particular issues
     -Development and assistance with
      speaker itineraries
     -Contacting potential speaker's
      representatives to check for availability

Davidson College — Union Board  —  Knobloch Campus Center
Phone: (704) 894- 2144  —  Fax: (704) 894-2416  —  Email: