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Want to Get Involved? Find Out How!

There are many ways to get involved with the Union Board. If you have any general inquiries, including event ideas or suggestions for improvements, please contact us at adnassar@davidson.edu. Some possible ways to become involved with the Union Board include:

Join the Board as an Officer or Committee Chair

Each February elections are held to select a Union Board President and Vice President for the following school year. After the President and Vice President have been chosen, these newly elected officers begin a search to fill the remaining 17 positions. No previous Union Board experience is necessary to be on the Board (or to run for President or Vice President)!

The application process for the 2013-2014 Union Board executive positions and committee chairs have now closed. But, don't forget, you can always join a committee!!!

Become a Union Board Member by Joining a Committee

Love Coffeehouse events or have a lot of experience with music and want to find a way to be involved? You can join any of the Union Board's ten programming committees at any time throughout the year! Committee chairs are always looking for new ideas and helpers! More information about each programming committee, including how committee members will be involved and how to contact committee chairs, can be found on the individual committee pages listed on the left. The easiest time to sign up for a committee is at the Activities Fair held at the beginning of the school year in August. After that, each committee meets at least once a month on the second week of each month. If you are unsure of which committee may interest you, but are interested in joining, email unionboard@davidson.edu.

Provide the Union Board with Feedback
One of the easiest ways to get involved is to attend our events. We provide suggestion boxes at each event, and committee chairs are present at their events, making it easy for you to provide us with feedback. You can also use the "Love It? Hate It? Rate it!" tool on this site to rate how the Union Board is doing in a variety of areas. A suggestion box and event idea box are always available in the Union, and there is usually a Union Board member in our top floor office in the Union available for questions at all times.

Are you a member of another student organization with a great program idea? Limited on resources or unsure of how to put your ideas into action? Co-sponsorships with the Union Board are easy and effective. Check out the co-sponsorship page above for more information.

Davidson College — Union Board  —  Knobloch Campus Center
Phone: (704) 894- 2144  —  Fax: (704) 894-2416  —  Email: unionboard@davidson.edu