Free Event! Ticket required.

The Cashore Marionettes
Life in Motion

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
8:00 p.m.
Duke Family Performance Hall

“Each creation is a slice of life, awe-inspiring in the minutest detail." -The Toronto Sun

Unmatched in artistry, grace and refinement of movement, the internationally acclaimed Cashore Marionettes redefine the art of puppetry. Life in Motion is a concert of more than a dozen marionette pieces, performed by Joe Cashore in full view of the audience. With music from composers such as Vivaldi and Beethoven and without words, each vignette explores a different facet of human experience, the performance arranged like a roller coaster, carrying the audience through a series of emotional ups and downs, turns and surprises. At turns humorous, beautiful, and unexpected, Life in Motion is a simulacrum of humanity, a masterpiece of movement and manipulation.

Life in Motion is a show for adult and young adult audiences with a taste for the universal. This event is our free special engagement for the season. Ticket required. All seats reserved.

Season tickets available July 15th. Individual tickets available September 5th.