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Reunion Weekend: April 29, 2000
The Cake Race!

Elizabeth Dean Iwaoka '80 and her son, Thomas, showed up early Saturday morning for the Alumni Cake Race and Kid's Race.

Kids Run
They're off! Davidson alumni progeny gallop from the starting gate for a one-lap run around the Irwin Belk Track.

They're Off!
About 35 alumni started - and completed - the 1-1/2 mile Alumni Cake Race.

Finishers size up the available cakes at the conclusion of the race.

Still running after all these years! Al Hurt '50 (l) and Jim Sifford '50 (r) both finished the race in fine style. Edith Sifford stands between them.

S. D. Rollins
The youngest finisher of the kid's race, Harriette Rollins, enjoys a victory cupcake and support from her mother, Susan Davidson Rollins '80.

R. Deal
Rick Deal '75 crosses the finish line to win the Alumni Cake Race.

K. Bruce
Runner-up Ken Bruce '80 pushed Deal as they entered the stadium, but couldn't pass him.

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