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April 29, 2000

Distinguished Alumnus Award winner David McCullough Œ60 flanked by President Vagt and Alumni Association President Andy McElwee.

From the time he arrived at Davidson as a scholarship football player, from Lincolnton, North Carolina, this widely acclaimed member of the Class of 1960 has stood out among his peers. As a student, he was a member of the Beaver Club, D Club, and Court of Control, volunteer at the YMCA, and president of the Honorary Fraternity Council. His interest and success in scholarship was evident in his presidency of the honorary premedical society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and his memberships in the honorary chemistry society, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; ODK; and Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated cum laude. He continued his studies as a Nancy Reynolds Bagley Scholar at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, where he earned membership to Alpha Omega Alpha.

Throughout his early career in California and Alabama to his current position as William H. Boyce Professor of Surgery/Urology and Chairman of the Department of Urology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Dave always has risen to the top. In every professional pursuit, as president of local, regional, or national associations, chair of various boards and committees, and journal editor or reviewer, he has been recognized for his outstanding work. Hešs been twice named to Whošs Who in America and was selected by national publications five times in nine years as a "best doctor in America" and an "outstanding medical specialist in the U.S."

The impact of his scholarship has not been limited to his students and patients. Over the years this nationally and internationally recognized urologist has shared both his knowledge and his wisdom with the entire medical community through his authorship of more than 250 presentations and papers, more than 100 published journal articles, dozens of book chapters, and as editor of three books. He has received numerous grants, year after year, and has led more than a dozen research projects.

Because you serve mankind in all you do; because you love your family with heart and soul; because you have brought such honor and distinction to Davidson; because you have been faithful in service and support of alma mater; and because your distinguished career is a source of pride for all whom you have touched, the Davidson College Alumni Association proudly honors you, David Legarde McCullough, with the Distinguished Alumnus Award on the occasion of the Class of 1960šs 40th Reunion, April 29, 2000.

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