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Alumni Service Award:
William Preston Reed '76

William Preston Reed '76

William Preston Reed began his service to Davidson and to others when he arrived from Atlanta in 1972. His love for Davidson was evident from his early years as a student. He served as a leader on the Honor Council, was an Admissions Guide, a Hall Counselor, a Freshman Advisor, a North Carolina Fellow, a member of the Faculty Student Life Committee and the Davidson Wildcat Mascot. Meanwhile, he embraced the Davidson community as a tutor for underprivileged children, a board member and an active member of St. Alban's Episcopal Church.

Although his M.B.A. from the University of Virginia helped him find a home far from Davidson, the College remained close to his heart. Whenever Davidson has called upon him, Bill has willingly answered. To rally his classmates in support of the Annual Fund, to encourage prospective high school students to attend Davidson, to help chair his reunions and the New York City alumni chapter, and to serve as Vice-President of the Alumni Association Board, this religion major has continued his service to alma mater. He continues to influence the face of Davidson by his service on the William Holt Terry Scholarship Board of Advisors, through serving as Class Agent for the Annual Fund and for serving as one of the chairs for this twenty-fifth reunion. All the while he has given generously to support the mission of the institution he loves. Bill has never turned his back on Davidson when she's beckoned.

Because you make Davidson proud to call you her own; because you tirelessly lead whenever Davidson calls: and because you inspire others to your high standard of service, the Alumni Association presents to you, William Preston Reed, Jr., the Alumni Service Award, on the occasion of your 25th reunion in Davidson, this twenty-first day of April 2001.

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