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Alumni Service Award:
Auburn C. Lambeth '51

Auburn C. Lambeth '51

"A great leader and a great athlete," "a tender, loving family man," "a remarkable, special person" are all phrases used by his friends to describe Auburn C. Lambeth. It has been said that Auburn Lambeth is in love with Davidson College, and we pay tribute to that commitment and devotion today.

Auburn has lived a life of service and leadership from his earliest days at Decatur Boys High School in Georgia. Although he had never played football before his senior year in high school, Auburn became a stellar collegiate football player and even played professionally in Canada. After an outstanding football career at Davidson and beyond, he was inducted into Davidson's Athletic Hall of Fame in 1993.

During his four years at Davidson, Auburn joined the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, served on the Student Council, was elected vice president of the Student Body, and was inducted into the Omicron Delta Kappa honor society. Upon graduation, he received his commission as a second lieutenant in the army and earned a Bronze Star for gallantry during his service in the Korean War.

The father of two children, a devoted husband, and member of numerous business organizations, Auburn has been a steady leader in his community. He has served on the Board of Directors for the local YMCA, is a member and former president of North Jackson Kiwanis Club, an active church member and tireless worker as president of the Mississippi Children's Home.

Auburn's passion for Davidson seems to have only grown since his days on the gridiron. Year after year he finds new ways to serve alma mater. He has been a leader in raising funds for Davidson's William B. Crooks Service to Mississippi Scholarship that requires significant service work by its recipients during their college summers. He served as the Jackson Alumni Chapter President for over twenty years and was a member of the Board of the Alumni Association. He has also rallied his classmates in support of the Annual Fund, the Davidson Athletic Foundation, and the college's several campaigns. And he has participated in numerous reunion planning committees.

Auburn's hospitality towards Davidsonians knows no bounds. He has opened his home to Davidson presidents, campaign diners, chapter event attendees, concert choir members, prospective students and assorted groups of alumni and traveling Davidson employees. As Auburn's former Sunday School pupil John Kuykendall remarked, "You are truly gracious in hosting the Davidson Road Show."

Because you have shown extraordinary leadership in service to the College; because you have been a gracious host to so many Davidsonians in your fair city; because you have answered every call from Davidson with the question "When?," not "Why?"; because your life of service has inspired those that follow you; Davidson salutes you, Auburn C. Lambeth, with the 2001 Alumni Service Award.

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