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Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Award
Lunsford Richard King

May 24, 2001
Contact: Bill Giduz 704/894-2244 or bigiduz@davidson.edu

Testimonials for this recipient of the Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Award convey a range as remarkable as their enthusiasm. This Professor has nurtured those most daunted by the subject matter, has inspired Rhodes Scholars and those who went on to Ph.D.'s in several disciplines, and has prompted nomination for this award from both junior and senior members of his department. Celebrating his distinctive pedagogy, veteran professors admire, " his penchant for finding a way to illustrate a concept with a picture, particularly helpful when a verbal explanation is cumbersome." Senior colleagues have included him in the pantheon of Davidson's most legendary professors--lauding his "desk-side manner" in the classroom, but also praising lessons he has imparted in his office, in the gymnasium, and from his front porch.

While clearly a teacher's teacher, this professor's most compelling testimonials come in his nominations from students and former students spanning four decades. For one student, this professor "taught more of my courses than any other teacher. I would have taken more even more had that been possible." "He is not lofty nor intimidating with his knowledge. One simply knows that he is brilliant." "He never intimidated me. On the other hand, he never allowed me to show something less than I was capable [of doing]. The enjoyment and fulfillment that I experienced as a result of his classes encouraged me to take risks and believe that I could do well in other settings." An impressed student observed that his "ability to teach students in three or higher dimensions is amazing." One student actually left his class inspired to link "divine" and "mathematics" in the same sentence.

His commitments to his students have forged the strongest of alumni bonds. This professor is "to me the essence of Davidson and [the reason ] why I am such a loyal alumnus." Another says, "Our friendship is one of the main reasons I go back to visit Davidson." His teaching life, one alumna offers, is not just about textbooks, journals, and pencil lead. Instead, he has a deep interest in serving others and impacting lives." A frequent alumnus visitor notes, "whenever I go by [his] office, I can count on his being with students, who are enthusiastically learning from him."

We share one student's conviction that "Professor Richie King wakes up in the morning with a smile on his face because he has the opportunity to teach." The 2001 Hunter-Hamilton Teaching Award goes to Lunsford Richardson King.

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