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Alvarez Dedication Celebrates "Doers and Dreamers"

November 6, 2001
Contact: Bill Giduz 704/894-2244 or bigiduz@davidson.edu

Alvarez Dedication
Union Board President Will Parker '02 was among the speakers addressing the large crowd gathered in the Mariam Cannon Hayes Amphitheatre.

"This building is a lively monument to Davidson's doers and to her dreamers."

Davidson's Union Board President Will Parker '02 offered those words on Thursday, October 25, at dedication ceremonies for the Alvarez College Union.

Hundreds of celebrants gathered for the 5 p.m. main ceremony, following the gathering of another crowd earlier in the day to dedicate the C. Shaw Smith 900 Room. That intimate performance hall inside Alvarez Union honors the late C. Shaw Smith '39. Smith was the college's first union director, and championed for many years construction of just the state-of-the-art type structure that the college has now constructed.

Smith Room Dedication
Davidson College Union Director William Brown with Nancy Smith, widow of Brown's predecessor, C. Shaw Smith. All five of the Smiths' children and members of Smith's fan club gathered earlier in the day to dedicate the building's intimate performance hall as the C. Shaw Smith 900 Room.

President Robert Vagt welcomed guests in the Mariam Cannon Hayes Amphitheatre to the Alvarez Union dedication, and offered words of appreciation to the donors, trustees, members of the planning committee, architects, and workers for making the long-held dream a reality.

Vagt acknowledged the six-week delay of the ceremony, caused by the terrorist attacks. But he pointed out that the building received a spiritual dedication during that time, since it has become a gathering place for the community in the wake of the attacks.

He said, "On the evening of September 11, almost 800 students, faculty and staff filled this union in an effort ostensibly to come to grips with what had transpired that day. But I think, in fact, the real purpose was to grip each other tightly in reaction to events that we had yet to comprehend."

Alvarez Dedication
Everyone in the community was invited into the building for a free dinner--and ice cream--to celebrate the dedication.

Remembering other occasions of both joy and sorrow, special events and everyday routine, President Vagt noted, "Even after only a couple of months of operation it is very difficult to imagine how we lived without the Alvarez Union."

Former Dean of Students Will Terry '54 offered a dedicatory prayer. Other representatives of the college community, including Union Director William Brown '70, and current Vice President for Student Life Tom Shandley, also shared their thoughts and gratitude. Trustee and planning committee co-chair Gretchen Johnston thanked the Alvarez family, the Knobloch family, the Duke Endowment, and Mariam Cannon Hayes, whose leading contributions paved the way for the complex.

Alvarez Dedication
Davidson President Robert Vagt with (l) Mariam Cannon Hayes and (r) Will Terry '54.

Representing the faculty and the Smith family, art professor C. Shaw Smith, Jr., called the Alvarez Union a "house of serendipity" in which the principles of liberal arts learning are lived and tested daily.

The building's naming benefactor, Carlos Alvarez of San Antonio, Tex., spoke at the podium flanked by his wife, Malu, and Davidson daughter, Malu '02. He recalled poignantly his recent naturalization as a United States citizen, and his visit to New York City to celebrate that event shortly before the attack there. He offered the building and the community strength that will grow inside it as his family's gift to the United States.

The dedication concluded with the unveiling of the building's name, and presentation to the family of an oversized, ceremonial Alvarez family Cat Card. They swiped it through an oversized card reader to officially open the doors--a mode of building entry familiar to all Davidson students. Hundreds of guests then streamed in to share a meal and enjoy live entertainment on the building's three main levels.

Alvarez Dedication
The Alvarez family pushed a giant Cat Card through a reader to symbolically open the doors of the new Union to the community.

In closing, Alvarez offered students a wish list of hopes for the facility. He said, "I wish that this be a friendly place where your relationships with your fellow students develop and transform into enduring friendships that enrich your lives forever. I wish that this place be an inspiring place, where over a cup of coffee you would find those wonderful thoughts translated into words to create the perfect paper. And finally, I wish that this be a place of good fortune where your mailbox delivers the great job offer, that anxiously awaited grad school acceptance, and all sorts of good news!"

Homecoming Court
Providing a fitting sequel to the Alvarez College Union dedication, two days later Malu Alvarez (second from left) was elected by her peers as Davidson's 2001 Homecoming Queen. She is pictured here with (l-r) Homecoming King Jack Purcell '02, first runners-up Bjorn Wickstrom '02 and Laura Booher '02, and second runners-up Charles Cushman '02 and Jayme Pleasants '02.

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