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Davidson College Musicians Are Visual Artists For A Day

October 19, 2001
Contact: Bill Giduz 704/894-2244 or bigiduz@davidson.edu

Music Mural
Senior Ben Covington helps get the mural started with a base coat. (Pictured on home page: Becky Behizadeh)

Students and Faculty in the Davidson College music department traded in their instruments and songbooks for rollers and paintbrushes on Thursday, October 18, to make their mark on the construction fence surrounding what will soon become the department's new home.

The Grey Building, which has served as the college library and more recently as the college union, is currently undergoing remodeling in preparation for another incarnation as the music program's main facility.

Music Mural
Andrew Foster adds singing trees, inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia.

In celebration of the building project, members of the music faculty came up with the idea of painting a mural on the north wall of the construction fence to relate it to the meaning of the building which it surrounds. Associate Professor Jennifer Stasack came up with a design for the mural that would allow for individual creativity within a unified pattern.

Once the pattern and the background colors were in place, student and faculty musicians added their own personal touches, ranging from pictures of instruments and favorite pieces of music, to portraits of composers and representations of what each muralist enjoyed about music.

Music Mural
Choir Director Ray Sprague poses with his portrait artists (l-r) Laura Bondesen, Malenie Wadkins, Susan Vear and Colin Eagan.


Music Mural
Assistant Professor Neil Lerner welcomed guesses on the origin of his contribution to the mural.


Ken Duncan Photo
Freshman Sarah Parker leaves her mark.


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