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Students Honored at Spring Convocation

April 23, 2001
Contact: Bill Giduz 704/894-2244 or bigiduz@davidson.edu

Ross with student
Dean of Academic Affairs Clark Ross presents the Douglas Houchens Studio Art Award to junior Dennis Wayne Cowardin.

The Davidson College community gathered together on April 18 to honor and recognize outstanding achievement by students, faculty and staff at the 2001 Spring Awards Convocation. The winners were as follows:

Leadership, Service, and General Awards

The Davidson Black Alumni Network Award was presented to Alison Nicole Perry '02, Rushdee Omar '03, Tiffany Nicole Hollis '04. This award was established by alumni for students of African-American descent who through strength of character and commitment have demonstrated distinguished service to college and community.

The Leona M. Goodell Memorial Award for promise in preparing for a career in public service was presented to Carey Beth Arvin '02, Peter Allan Lipsett '03, David Zachary Moskowitz '03

The Rawley P. Turner Drama Award for exceptional acting work in Theatre and Speech Department productions during the academic year was presented to Andra Garner Whitt '01 for the role of Constance in "Good Night, Desdemona, Good Morning, Juliet."

The James Baker Woods III Award was presented to Ross Mathew Boyce '01 for outstanding participation in ROTC, student affairs, and the community. A chemistry major from the Class of 2001, he is a four-year ROTC scholarship winner who has consistently performed to an outstanding level in leadership. He will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army on May 19, 2001, and attend the infantry officers basic camp in August of 2001.

The Dean Rusk Program Award was presented to Amanda Tazewell Britt '01, John Sheffield Kenyon '01, Nejib Mohammed '01, Derek Neal Politzer '01, Jehan Shamsid-Dean '01 and Lydia Elissa Wilson '01. This award is presented annually to the student who has done the most to promote international awareness and understanding at Davidson. This year the members of the Dean Rusk Student Advisory Committee (SAC) have been exceptionally successful in pursuing that goal through creativity, deep commitment, and hard work. Accordingly, the Dean Rusk Program Award for 2000-2001 recognizes a team effort and is presented to the most active seniors among the SAC leadership. The award is in the form of individual atlases and a handsomely mounted global map of the world that will bear the students' names and will be on permanent display and available for use in the International Programs area of Chambers.

The C. Shaw Smith Award, created by the generosity of John Huie, Class of 1978, and recognizing outstanding contributions to the College community through volunteer service at the College Union, was presented to Eric Philip Arnold '01.

Sarah Schmidt
Sarah Schmidt

The Charles Malone Richards Award was presented to Sarah Elizabeth Schmidt '02. This award, established in memory of a longtime Davidson pastor and professor, is presented to a rising senior, ordinarily one preparing for the ministry, whose academic record, participation in campus activities, and contribution to community religious life are outstanding.

The Agnes Sentelle Brown Award was presented to Dane Anders Erickson '01. This award established by Dr. Mark Edgar Sentelle, professor and dean of students at Davidson College, in memory of his sister is presented to an upperclassman of outstanding character personality, intellectual ability, and scholarship.

Adam Brown
Adam Brown

The George Gladstone Memorial Award was presented to Adam Blackstock Brown '02. This award, established in memory of a member of the Class of 1960, is presented to a rising senior exhibiting high potential for service to mankind as demonstrated through leadership, service to the community, and academic record.

Athletic Awards were presented to the male and female athletes best typifying the Davidson spirit in athletic competition and campus leadership:
The Tommy Peters Award, established in memory of a member of the class of 1945 who gave his life in World War II, was presented to football team member Ryan William Crawford '01.
The Rebecca E. Stimson Award, established in honor of a member of the class of 1977, who combined Phi Beta Kappa scholarship with outstanding participation in four sports, was presented to volleyball team member Mary Irene Mordini '01.

Academic Departmental And Special Awards

James Daniel
James Daniel

The Sandy Black Memorial Award In Premedical Studies was presented to James Howard Daniel, Jr. '02, for his scholarship, interest in helping people through a medical career, and his ability to combine the qualities of maturity, introspection, and brilliance that have characterized previous winners of this award. This double major in chemistry and math from South Carolina has participated in non-academic activities including Intern at the Radiology Department at the McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, South Carolina, Bernard Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta (the premedical society), and Math Center/Tutor. He is described by people who know him well as friendly, conscientious, a leader, and is respected by faculty and students.

The Franz Boas Award In Anthropology was presented to Austin Stroebele Cashman '01 for the excellence of her scholarship and fluidity of her writing. Her senior thesis on "Devi as Woman: Goddess Symbolism and Female Status in Contemporary Indian Art," has drawn together in innovative fashion her interests in the ancient Indian traditions of Hinduism, gender issues in religion, and contemporary Indian painting and photography.

Justice Kraus
Justice Kraus

The Bremer German Language Award, given for excellence in the study of German language, literature, and culture, was presented to Justice Herschel Kraus '01 for impassioned reading, engaged analysis, and the promise of a meaningful future in the academy.

The William Scott Bryant Memorial Award was presented to David Zachary Moskowitz '03 for his strong record in preparing for political service. This award, established in 1989 to honor the memory of William Scott Bryant, encourages and supports the work in our nation's capital by outstanding Davidson students.

The Tom Daggy Biology Award, presented to a biology student for outstanding achievement and a love of exploring the secrets of life, was given to Shane David Lindsay '01. Tom Daggy himself was a teacher, research scientist, and a naturalist.
Shame Lindsay
Shane Lindsay

This year's recipient has received funding for his research from the North Carolina Academy of Science, presented the results of his research at scientific meetings, and is in the process of publishing his research in peer-reviewed journals. Whether he's diving to catch a turtle, trying to find the snake that got loose in his bedroom, or working on his next manuscript, his love and concern for the natural world permeates everything he does.

The Alberta Smith Devane Religion Award was presented to Cameron Brown Richardson '01 for the excellence and promise of her scholarship and humane fervor of her activism. The ending of Job stirred Richardson to question and the wisdom of feminist theology inspired her path of response. In her work, she has clarified the religious, the ethical, and the political as in her life; and she has acted with passion for those in need of amnesty and hospitality.

Le Prix De Français (French Prize) was presented to Ashley Elizabeth King '01 for successful study in France, for her excellent performance in advanced French courses, for her invaluable contribution as a course assistant in French, and as an encouragement for future work in the discipline.

Teaching Award Recepients
Future educators Daniel Francis Lewis '01 (left) and Michael William Wipfler '01.

The William B. Hight, Jr. Teaching Award, presented by the Department of Education, was given to Daniel Francis Lewis '01 and Michael William Wipfler '01 for their knowledge, patience, caring, skill, commitment to teaching, and exhibiting the characteristics necessary to become true leaders as educators.

Mundo Hispanico (The Spanish Award) was presented to Stephanie Michele Mlynar '01 and Marie Elizabeth Sharp '01.
As a native speaker of English and French, as well as a near-native speaker of Spanish, Stephanie Mlynar has long explored cultural and intellectual borders. She is a lively and committed intellectual who wants to translate her knowledge and experience into real help for peoples of the world, from whom she knows she has much to learn. Stephanie is, in the best sense, a citizen of the world. Her fine academic record is combined with a will to serve. She will continue this life of service after graduation, aiming to devote her life's work to international development and, as she has said, return the gifts she has received.
Marie Sharp is well known on our campus for her ever-present, ever-energetic will to render service, with a particular commitment to the Latino community of metropolitan Charlotte. She has been the heart and soul of the student organization OLAS and a vital guiding force behind Davidson students' involvement at the Strong Tower volunteer clinic in Huntersville, among other service involvements. Regardless of weather, the pressure of other commitments, and other challenges, when there is need, there is Marie Sharp, organizing the help effort and energizing others with her tireless enthusiasm and love.

The Douglas Houchens Studio Art Award was presented to Dennis Wayne Cowardin '02 for his exceptional levels of skill and sensitivity in all areas of Davidson's studio art program: painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Bruce and Emily Snyder
Bruce Snyder '73, with daughter Emily '02, who received the David Halbert, Jr. Chemistry Award at Convocation. Emily is a chemistry major, with plans to attend medical school after Davidson. She follows the footsteps of her father, a vascular surgeon in Greenville, S.C., and also a former recepient of the David Halbert Howard, Jr. Chemistry Award.

The David Halbert Howard, Jr. Chemistry Award, given annually to a rising senior studying chemistry that gives promise of the largest degree of usefulness in a related field of service, was presented to Emily Elizabeth Snyder '02. She quietly but tenaciously has excelled in every chemistry course she has taken. Her work reflects a fine style, a keen intellect, and a dedication to excellence.

The Max Jackson Award In Art History was presented to Caroline Jane Little '02. "Focused intensity" is the phrase that repeatedly comes to mind when one thinks of Caroline Little. Combined with this intensity are an intellectual curiosity and a quiet grace that inspire and stimulate. Caroline always brings more than is required, or even expected, to her study of a particular topic in the history of art--and always does so ahead of schedule. Her love of art and the excitement she displays when discussing it are contagious. Even in England, while lecturing in rain at Stowe Landscape Gardens and in freezing cold at Hampton Court, she warmed and inspired us with her insight and enthusiasm.

The Kendrick Kelley Award In History was presented to Alison Kalett '01 for her thesis "Jewish Identity in Richmond, Virginia, 1891-1916" and Katherine Rice Miller '01 for her thesis "The Politics of Healing: The Later Stuarts and the Royal Touch." This award, established by the family and friends of Ken Kelley, Class of 1963, who was killed in Vietnam in 1968, recognizes those qualities displayed by Ken Kelley:
Jennifer Carlyle
Jennifer Carlyle '01

distinguished academic performance, self-effacing leadership and personal integrity. It is given to a senior major who, as a participant in the Kelley honors seminar, has written an outstanding thesis and contributed significantly to the overall success of the class.

The Keiser Prize In English for Classical Performance was presented to Jennifer Leigh Carlyle '01 for her command of blank verse and her range of expression in her performance of Shakespeare's Juliet in April of 2000. Her leading roles at Davidson have also included Ouisa in Six Degrees of Separation and Mrs. Julia Gibbs in Our Town.

Baird and Carter
Henry T. Lilly Award recepients, Lauren Baird '01 and Ben Carter '01, wait at the stairs of the Love Auditorium stage to receive their award.

The Henry T. Lilly Award For Excellence In English was presented to Lauren Nicole Baird '01 and Benjamin Wesley Carter '01.
Baird shows us that "The Brain--is wider than the Sky," by simultaneously "Dwell[ing] in Possibility" and moving "at the White Heat." Intellectually gifted and artistically fearless, this Honors candidate merges a passion for reading with joyful linguistic play. Whether seeking saints in contemporary novels or humming a nineteenth century poem, Lauren Nicole Baird cherishes learning. The Department of English honors her light.
Carter is known for a flash-language open-mike gift of prairie dogs to Byron studies, a reverence for garden and hawk floating above class, a vow (in the words of the Cold Mountain poet) to "cut down senseless craving," and now for a Watson Fellow's vision of old growth stands and sustainable agriculture through indigenous folk wisdom. The world lays all before him, this son of Kentucky, Benjamin Wesley Carter.

The William G. McGavock Mathematics Award was presented to Randall Robert Skattum '01 for his enthusiasm for his field both inside and outside the classroom.
Derek Brown
Derek Brown '01

Skattum has performed well in a broad selection of courses, many taken before his senior year. He enjoys helping others master and enjoy mathematics, whether in the Math Center, in a Davidson Elementary School Mini-adventure, or just whenever someone asks. Having given a multimedia math coffee, he now hosts them as President of the Bernard Society.

The A. K. Phifer Award In Economics was presented to Derek Kristopher Brown '02 for his outstanding record in the study of Economics.

The Physics Award was presented to Franklin Emmett Weindruch '01, for outstanding achievement in the study of Physics, for original contributions to research on the optical properties of lattice-mismatched semiconductors, and for the effective
Emmett Weindruch
Emmett Weindruch '01

presentation of this work at meetings of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America.

The W. Kendrick Pritchett Award In Classics was presented to Rachel Krentz Wippold '01, a senior classics major who exemplifies the qualities displayed by W. Kendrick Pritchett, Class of 1929-distinguished academic performance, personal integrity, and love of ancient literature, history, and archaeology.

The J. Harris Proctor Award In Political Science was presented to Derek Neal Politzer '01 for excellence in Political Science, including an impressive GPA in the major.

The Richard Ross Memorial Music Award was presented to David Eugene Kang '01. Kang may be compared to the prodigal son who stayed away (in this case, to the Eastman School of Music) and then returned. Yet he has never strayed from excellence in his academics, even as he excelled as a performer in the areas of voice, piano, and choral conducting.

Trey Davis
Trey Davis '01

The Theatre Award was presented to Harry Lee "Trey" Davis '01 and Amanda Cayleen Lanier '01 for their consistent and exceptional contributions to Davidson's theatre program over the past four years. Their unselfish and tireless work, both in front of and behind the curtain, has been invaluable to productions on the mainstage, in the studio and in student-produced events.

The Porter Vinson Chemistry Award, given annually to a rising junior who shows unusual mastery of the field of chemistry and who has exhibited significant promise for further study, was presented to Isaac Andrew Miller '03, a bright young man who handles duties in the classroom and laboratory with ease and efficiency.

The William Vinson Mathematics Award was presented to Adriel Whitney Cornman '03. She possesses mathematical abilities which have consistently allowed her the pleasure of "getting the right answer" in a variety of introductory courses. But, this sophomore's mathematical insight runs deeper; with due diligence, she will move far beyond the mathematics of the "right answer," to the mathematics of investigation and beauty.

Lang Robertson
Lang Robertson '02

The Daniel Blain Woods Award was presented to Virginia Lang Robertson '02 for her academic achievement, sense of community, compassion for humanity, and love of medicine. The good doctor must not just excel in technical skills but must have a heart full of empathy for patients. Robertson clearly has both. Her impressive GPA reveals the extraordinary academic ability of this double major in chemistry and mathematics from Virginia. Equally impressive are her over 800 hours shadowing physicians and volunteering with several organizations including the Fan Free Clinic, Richmond Soup Kitchen, and Davidson Elementary School. She has worked as a nanny, lifeguard, and math and chemistry tutor. She has spread her intellect and kindness about the Davidson community.

The William Gatewood Workman Psychology Award was presented to Jennifer Lynn Frymiare '01. Each year since 1987 the Psychology Department of Davidson College selects from among its senior majors an individual who by virtue of extraordinary accomplishments of scholarship, character, and service, best represents the legacy of the late Professor William Gatewood Workman, pioneer of the department and pillar of the College for many years. There is no higher acknowledgement of excellence within the Psychology Department. This year the award winner has distinguished herself by her extraordinary academic achievement as well as her service to Department and College.

Writing Awards

The Charles Lloyd Award For Non-Fiction Prose was presented to Elizabeth Anne Neiheisel '01 for her vivid and unsettling collection of personal essays entitled "Go," "Lullaby," and "Just the Facts Mam." The three essays sketch a gripping coming-of-age story told with a wonderful ear for dialogue and uncommon psychological acuity

The R. Windley Hall Award for first-year writing was presented to Erin Leigh Thompson '04 for her sophisticated meditation on Thomas Mann's Death in Venice and Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray entitled "Corrupting the Cycle."

The Vereen Bell Memorial Awards In Creative Writing were presented to Scott Louis Geiger '01, Christopher Russel Louvet '01 and Anthony R. Marino '02.
The Vereen Bell Memorial Award in fiction went to Scott Louis Geiger '01 for the clarity of prose and sustained suspense of his "The Pursuit of Artemisia Guile." The author manages a large cast of characters and a complex series of events with consummate skill.
The second fiction award went Anthony R. Marino '02 for his story, "This Side of Arizona," its convincing natural dialogue and its ability to create a situation so real that readers forget they are reading a piece of fiction and are drawn into the story as if they are actually there, watching and listening.
The Vereen Bell Award in poetry was presented to Christopher Russel Louvet '01 for his vivid and moving collection of poems entitled, "Notes on a Still Life." These poems are notable for their wisdom, their precision, and their maturity.

The Samuel D. Maloney Essay Prize for work done in the area of Religion and Society was presented to Carley Elise Goodnoe '01 for her essay "Dressage: The Art of Dialogue. An Application of Martin Buber's I and Thou to the Equestrian Art of Dressage."

Omicron Delta Kappa Awards

2001 Omicron Delta Kappa Community Award: Desiree Hillard

Desiree Hillard
Desiree Hillard (left) receives the Omicron Delta Kappa Community Award from ODK president Ida Wainschel.

The Omicron Delta Kappa Community Award grants students the opportunity to recognize someone outside of the immediate college community who has made significant contributions to the town of Davidson and its surrounding community. This year, ODK recognizes a phenomenal woman who has touched the lives of many students as well as many members of our extended community. Inspired by the loss of her sister, who couldn't afford basic medical care, Desiree Hillard decided six years ago to single-handedly start a free medical clinic from scratch. Since Strong Tower Free Medical Clinic opened two and a half years ago in October of 1998, it has made a tremendously positive impact on the residents of Mecklenburg County, not only by addressing the medical needs of the underprivileged, but by providing so many Davidson students with important experiential lessons of generosity, service to the needs of our community, and the reality of the struggles challenging society and medicine today. Desiree, as founder and executive director of Strong Tower, has tirelessly worked to keep the clinic afloat without receiving any compensation, despite her very busy schedule as a single parent to two children and full-time worker at Charlotte Orthopedic Specialists. One student volunteer describes her as "a community leader, bringing together many government officials, local organizers, and hospitals in order bring together a community to help each other... She is an inspiration to me, to the volunteers at the clinic, and to the patients she serves."

2001 Omicron Delta Kappa Staff Award: John David Filar

John Filar
Women's basketball coach John Filar was cited for his significant contributions to women's athletics and the community.

Women's basketball coach John Filar has been the model of coaching and leadership for our community. His passion for basketball and commitment to his team, to each individual player, and to the women's basketball program have never kept him from recognizing the limited and proper place of athletics at Davidson. He also never let those limits restrict his success with the program. A recent Davidsonian article quoted this description of his career, "John Filar came in here and was tasked with jumpstarting a program that didn't exist. He built a very competitive program very quickly, within a decade. He recruited exceptional people into the program and created a situation where we can truly build upon the foundation of success that he's created." Even in light of his successes, Filar set an excellent example of the big picture for his players. As one former player has recalled, "The game of basketball was never about just winning or losing to him, it was a process that taught us about life. He constantly reminded us to 'enjoy the ride.'" As a coach, he was a fantastic leader, thoughtful friend, and caring father figure to his players. Coach Filar's lessons extended beyond the court and beyond the team, touching and inspiring many members of our community. One example was his initiation of a program through which the skill of his team could be passed on to young members of the community in basketball clinics held after shortened practices. He has also touched the lives of many individuals. As one student and friend remarks, "He is the model of a family man: committed to his wife, committed to his children, committed to his work, committed to this community. I admire him deeply and look forward to what I trust will be a lifelong friendship with him."

2001 Omicron Delta Kappa Teaching Award: Durwin Ray Striplin

Durwin Striplin
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Durwin Striplin was touched by "getting an award for asking a tough question."

Each year the members of Omicron Delta Kappa present an award to a member of the Davidson faculty for excellence in teaching, commitment, energy, and care. This year's recipient of the ODK teaching award meets and surpasses all of these ideals. His students reflect on his charismatic lectures and captivating ability to engage their physical chemistry class, how he challenges and endlessly supports their efforts, his contagious energy, his patience, his willingness to give up his free time, including late evenings, to help whomever (whether they be in P-Chem. or Chem. 105) whenever necessary, and his amazing devotion to his students with personal care and genuine interest in each of them. Here is a story told by a student of his, "I was in the Chemistry building taking his untimed thermodynamics final when I just lost all composure because I didn't understand the wording of a question. I called Dr. Striplin's house and he calmed me down and gave me his cell phone number since he was leaving in case I had more questions. About an hour later, he came in the room where I was taking his final. He had driven the thirty-five to forty minutes from his house and family to check on me. He helped me understand the question, and then persuaded me to take a dinner break to relax. I strongly disliked that exam, but through it found a new respect for my professor." In honor of your dedication to the profession of teaching and to the success of your students at Davidson, in honor of your abounding concern and compassion, and for the example you set for our community as a loving father, devoted husband, avid golfer, and your involvement with your students outside of the classroom, Omicron Delta Kappa awards Dr. Durwin Striplin with the 2001 Teaching Award.

Recognition of Graduate Fellowships, Scholarships and Other General Recognition

Oeland Scholars ($2000) For Summer Language Study: Leslie Grinage '03 and Melanie Wadkins '02.

Watson Fellowships: Elizabeth Neiheisel '01 for study of street newspapers in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Romania, and Ben Carter '01 for study of sustainable farming in China, India, Peru and Cuba.

W. Thomas Smith Scholarship: Katherine Rice Miller '01 for study in British history at Oxford University.

Fulbright Scholarship: Derek Politzer '01 for study of international relations in Turkey.

Fulbright Teaching Exchange Fellows: Elizabeth Dederick '01 to Germany, Marcus McFadden '01 to Austria, and Geoff Evans '01 to Austria

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship: Stephanie Courchesne '01

Luce Scholarship: Jason Prince '99 for study of land use policy in Japan.

Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship: Lauren Baird '01 for a Ph.D. in English at Stanford University.

Rotary International Scholarship: Justin Perkinson '01 for study in Argentina and Warren Buford '97 for study in South Africa.

Dean Rusk Program Grant Recipients

Boon Scholarship Fund: Nicholas Mantini '03

Class of 1984 Class Gift Scholarship: Sean Gantt '03 and Dorothy Meiburg '03

Class of 1986 Class Gift Scholarship: Muna Musiitwa '03 and Kutina Williams '02

Davidson Watson Alumni Scholarship: William Neville '03

Gilchrist Scholarship: Emily Juckett '02

Warner Hall Study/Travel Fund (Selected by Pre-Ministerial Committee): John Foster '03

Hirose Internship for Far East Studies: Lewis Faulk '03

McNab Fund for Middle East Studies: Jennifer Kawwass '03

Jack Perry Awards: Griffin Myers '03, Victoria Statler '03, Michael Clifton '02

Charles Ratliff Endowment Scholarship: Adam Brown '02, Katie Wilson '03

Mary Lynn Richardson Award: Lauren Dennis '03

Virginia and Dean Rusk Award: Laurie Gomer '03

Smith-Richardson Fund for Security Studies: Jehan Shamsid-Deen '01, Derek Politzer '01

White-Smith Awards: Meika Fields '03, Gray Lyons '03, Laura McCandlish '02, Mary Wise '03

Announcements From Academic Departments


Government Teaching Assistantship in France for 2001-2002: Betsy Noble '01, Cara Breeden '01, Christiane Buuck '01, Ashley E. King '01, Nicole Kopeikin '01

Louisville Theological Seminary Graduate Fellowship: Jennifer Lewis '01


Tate Scholarship for post-graduate theological study: Eric Knoche '01; He will attend either Columbia Seminary in Atlanta or Union Seminary in Richmond next year.

2001 American Institute of Chemists Student Award: Emily Ann Clark '01

CRC Freshman Chemistry Awards: Melinda Baldwin '04 and Matthew Whited '04

American Chemical Society Polymer Education Organic Chemistry Award: Charles Robertson Lea '03

American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Award: Kimberlee Ann D'Ardenne '02

Dreyfuss Summer Research Scholarship: Catherine Jean Williford '03

Teaching Assistantships and/or fellowships in Chemistry:
Eric Salo '01--University of California, Irvine; University of Virginia; University of Florida; University of Akron; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; University of Texas at Austin; and Virginia Tech.
Ragy Ragheb '01--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Emily Ann Clar '01k--University of Arkansas.
Amelia Anne Fuller '01--University of Michigan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; University of Colorado at Boulder; University of Texas at Austin; University of California at Berkeley; University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
Kurt Frederick Hirsekorn '01--Cornell University


Graduate Fellowships:
Rebecca Harris '01-- Hayes Fellowship for a Ph.D. in Counseling and Educational Development at UNC-Greensboro.
Allison Hobgood '99--Emory University Fellowship for Ph.D. in English
Victor Brand '00--Johns Hopkins University Fellowship for creative writing.
Lauren Baird '01-- University of California at Irvine Chancellorıs Fellowship, and fellowships at Stanford University, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, and Johns Hopkins Univeristy


Cameron Richardson '01--Fellowships at Emory University, Candler School of Theology; Duke University Divinity School; The University of Chicago (Divinity School); and Vanderbilt University.


Andrew Campbell '00--National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Zoology. He is currently in the Ph.D. program at the University of Kansas.

Charlie Shaw '01--Duke University Graduate Fellowship for study in genetics

Lauren Hancock '01--Master of Teaching Fellowship in Science at Wake Forest Univeristy


Jon Palma '00--University of Miami Medical School full tuition scholarship


Justice Kraus '01--Full tuition scholarships for Ph.D. in German studies at Harvard, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Irvine and Washington University


Jonah R. Swann '01--Teaching assistantship and Floyd Fellowship of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for mathematics at the University of Virginia.


Robert Leacock '01--Yale Divinity School Scholarship.

Political Science:

Derek Politzer '01--Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Davidson is a highly selective independent liberal arts college for 1,600 students. Since its establishment in 1837, the college has graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars and is consistently ranked among the top liberal arts colleges in the country by U.S. News and World Report magazine. Davidson recently launched "Let Learning Be Cherished," a $250 million campaign in support of student financial assistance, academic resources, and community life.

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