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Distinguished Physicist Will Speak at Davidson About Einstein

Clifford Will
Clifford Will

November 2, 2000
Contact: Bill Giduz 704/894-2244 or bigiduz@davidson.edu

The eminent physicist Clifford M. Will, an expert on the theories and personality of Time Magazine's "Person of the Century"--Albert Einstein--will speak at Davidson College on Thursday, November 9.

Will, chair of the physics department and member of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences at Washington University, is also author of the prize-winning 1986 book Was Einstein Right? Appearing as the college's Smith Lecturer, Will will begin his free public address at 7:30 p.m. in the 900 Room of the College Union.

The author will not only discuss how Einstein's theory of relativity is important to our daily lives, but will also talk about the sometimes messy personal life of this quirky genius.

Will's book on Einstein, one of his more than 160 publications, won the 1987 American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award, was selected one of the 200 best books for 1986 by the New York Times Book Review.

Will notes in the book that the discovery of cosmic phenomena such as quasars, pulsars, black holes, and gravitational lenses since 1960 have all involved Einstein's general theory of relativity.

"Modern astronomers and astrophysicists use general relativity as a tool in their attempts to comprehend these phenomena. If the theory were incorrect, they would be at a loss," Will wrote.

Will notes that scientists have been checking Einstein's theory ever since its publication in 1915, but that advances in astrophysics beginning in 1960 gave urgency to the effort. But Will concludes that the theory has remained valid in the face of intense scrutiny.

For more information on his talk at Davidson, call 892-2140.

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