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Julie Rowell '04 wins prestigious Kentucky Award

October 26, 2000
Contact: Bill Giduz 704/894-2244 or bigiduz@davidson.edu

by Timothy Cook '04

Fall Break is by definition a breather for Davidson students. But, when Julie Rowell '04 went home to Louisville, Ky., she was met with a barrage of interviews, clicking shutters, and studio lights.

That's because Julie returned as one of only two youth recipients of the prestigious Bell Award Youth Service Honor, which she jokingly termed "The Nobel Prize of Kentucky."

Rowell and her fellow Bell Award winners were honored at a banquet, where they spoke about their projects, and interviewed for WLKY, the Louisville television station which sponsors the awards.

Rowell was nominated by officials at the Cabbage Patch Settlement House, where she created and for the last three years directed a youth choir.
Rowell with choir
Rowell (far right) with Cabbage Patch Settlement House youth choir.

Cabbage Patch provides a positive after-school environment for inner city boys and girls while their parents are working. Rowell, a longtime performer with the National Honors Choir, became involved in Cabbage Patch because she believed music would enrich the children's experience. "Public schools are starting to cut back on their music departments because of insufficient funds, so I wanted to bring music to their lives," she said.

Her 15-member Cabbage Patch choir consisted of children ranging in age from six to 12. She not only directed the troupe, but was also the accompanist and coordinator of percussion and dance steps. The group staged two concerts for other Cabbage Patch clients and their parents, went Christmas caroling, and went on several field trips.

"The children were a lot more enthusiastic about music then when they began," said Rowell. "Some even started taking lessons after I taught them some basics of piano playing."

Rowell has continued her volunteering at Davidson by becoming involved with the local women's shelter and by helping out with Service Saturday. She is also a member of the Davidson College Concert Choir and the Chambers Singers.

Rowell at banquet
Rowell with her family at the Bell Awards Banquet.

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