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First Year Students Conclude Orientation With Annual Cake Race

Broadwater Faes Gaspar
Colby Broadwater '04
Men's First Place

Colleen Faes '04
Women's First Place

Ben Gaspar
Men's Second Place

Kruppa Schmader Hatch
Jenna Kruppa '04
Women's Second Place

Chris Schmader '04
Men's Third Place

Katherine Hatch '04
Women's Third Place

Davidson's Class of 2004 concluded its Orientation activities on August 23 by participating in a hallowed Wildcat tradition -- the annual Freshman Cake Race. This year more than 300 of the 465 entering students competed in the 63rd edition of the classic foot race, pounding a 1.7-mile course from Richardson Stadium around front campus, Patterson Court, and back to the stadium finish line. The top 45 men and 44 women, based on their order of finish, got their choice of cakes donated by members of the Davidson community.

The men's race winner was Colby Broadwater of Fort Hood, Tex., with a time of 7:53. He finished almost neck-and-neck with second place Ben Gaspar of Lake Bluff, Ill. Third place finisher was Chris Schmader of Hillsborough, N.C., in 7:59. Those three, and seven of the eight top male finishers, are members of Davidson's cross-country team.

"It was great that our team did so well and that we really pushed each other," said Broadwater before his teammates joined him in hauling away a giant, yellow duck cake baked and decorated by members of the athletic training room staff.

"Just like everything else here at Davidson, the race was hard, but fun," Gaspar commented.

The women's race proved equally exciting. Colleen Faes of Howell, Mich., sprinted to her first place finish of 9:28. "It was really fun and a good way to get the community involved," she said.

Feas' cross-country and track teammate, Jenna Krupa of Dublin, Ohio, captured second place with 9:37. Third place finisher Katherine Hatch (9:43) of Portland, Ore., excitedly received her cake. "I've never seen a group of more motivated runners," said Hatch, who plans to play tennis for the Wildcats.

The race was first run at Davidson in 1930 as a way for the track coach to identify top runners in the incoming class. It has now become a traditional part of Orientation for incoming students.

Story by Emily Drew '04
Photos by Eron Earley-Thiele '04

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