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New Phone System Makes Davidson
"894-" Territory

Phone donation
Davidson purchasing director Beth Covington and the Administrative Advisory Group organized collection of more than 200 of the college's old telephones, which were given to Goodwill representative David Moses to benefit that charity.

Installation of a new telephone system on campus during the July 4 weekend has ushered in the era of "894-" at Davidson College. All campus telephones, including administrative offices, faculty offices, and student room phones, will from now on carry an "894-" prefix, instead of the former 892- prefix.

However, it appears that some telephone companies nationwide do not yet recognize the new exchange, so some incoming 894- calls are not being completed. If you're getting a fast busy signal when dialing 894, you should try the same number using the old 892- prefix. That prefix will remain valid for some time, in addition to 894. Another option is to contact the main campus operator at 892-2000, who will connect your call with the proper party.

The new Nortel Meridian digital telephone switch takes advantage of the campus's fiber optic network to permit many new features for users. The chief beneficiaries will be students, who will get a telephone apiece, rather than sharing one phone per room. In addition, students will keep their same telephone number throughout their Davidson years, rather than getting a new phone number every time they change residence hall rooms.

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