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Terry Selected to Head Local Chamber of Commerce

Richard Terry
Richard Terry
Richard Terry, director of auxiliary services, will also help set direction for area businesses as chair of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce during the year 2001.

Terry, who has served as treasurer of the organization for the past three years, was appointed chair-elect for the year 2000 recently. He will serve this year as assistant to local realtor and current board chair Charles Knox '86.

Terry has been the college's representative to the Chamber for the past four years, and seen its membership double to a current size of 800 members and its budget rise to $300,000 annually. He acknowledges that the college is not a typical chamber business. "Our customer base is finite, and not local, and we don't do much for outside groups," he admitted.

Then he added, "But the college has a significant interest in the way this area develops. Cornelius and Huntersville have almost as big an impact on the quality of our students' experiences as Davidson does. It's that shared interest in the quality of life here that gives us a lot in common with other chamber members."

His involvement has led him to a better appreciation for members of the local business community. He commented, "They all cherish the quality of life here, and aren't in business strictly for making money. I sense in them a real pride and appreciation for these communities."

Through its Business After Hours, Power Lunch and Business Works programs it provides an opportunity for members to network and learn about business management. Through its office in Shops on the Green, it also promotes tourism to the area through a web site, a CD, and kiosks at N.C. Welcome Center.

Terry said the chamber has also been active in lobbying for state road funds for this area, and also has lobbied for education bonds. "I don't expect the chamber to be a social activist, but certain things like education pretty clearly contribute to an attractive community, and we'll press for them and support them."

The chamber's connection with the college will be strengthened on January 15, when its annual banquet will be held for the first time at Vail Commons. Terry expects more than 300 members and guests to attend .

As chair in 2001, Terry will preside at monthly meetings of the 20-member board, determine a plan of action for the year, and set a budget. The duties will require a significant amount of his time, and will require him to become much more well versed in local politics and issues. He added, "It's also a commitment to attend ribbon cuttings just about every week!"

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