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Dining Services Marks the Millennium

Hager with Plate
Sylvia Hager holds a commemorative plate

Dining services recently presented commemorative plates to students to mark the millennium. "Since none of us will live through another one, we thought it would be a nice thing to do for our students," explained Barbara Metzler, director. "This is a very special time in history and we wanted to give them something special to recognize it."

Dining services representatives attending a food show in Chicago last summer came upon the plates at the booth for Syracuse China, which supplies the college with all its regular china. Syracuse customized the design for Davidson by printing the college logo on the face of the plate.

The plates were distributed to students during the dining services' annual Christmas dinner on December 7.
To make the occasion more special, Metzler asked President Bobby Vagt to be on hand to autograph them. Vagt wrote on the back of the plates with a special gold pen. He ended up staying for four hours as scores of students waited patiently in line for their turn. He began with autographs, but quickly got into the spirit of the occasion with more florid literary offerings.

Dining services ordered enough plates for all 1,100 students on meal plans, and will give them to departmental employees as a holiday gift. Vagt is sending one to each Davidson trustee. Metzler said there are a number of extras available for other faculty and staff at a cost of $16 each. Call her at 892-2076 to reserve yours!

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