Medeski, Martin, & Wood

This young and fearless jazz trio includes three virtuosos from different parts of the U.S. who reflect a universe of music in their collective backgrounds. Working together as Medeski Martin & Wood since 1992, the trio, with its unique combination of Medeski's antique electric keyboards, Martin's take-no-prisoners percussion and Wood's aggressive acoustic bass has created an avant-chitlins style completely its own.

The band has released four albums so far: Friday Afternoon In The Universe, It's A Jungle In Here, Last Chance To Dance Trance (Best Of 1991 - 1996), and Shack-man

Comments from the Critics:

"MMW are a real band -- and they sound like it. Theirs are the quick improvs and spontaneous inventions that can occur when musicians with highly developed styles meet in the same space, same groove, same mind...FRIDAY AFTERNOON IN THE UNIVERSE is a very welcome next step in the evolution of music."
--Ken Micallef, Musician

"Music that travels between the cosmos and the chicken shack...the group worthily reinvestigates the fusion spirit of the 70s with a distinctly 90s vibe."
--Steve Dollar, Request

"MMW create literate, funky jazz that swings with a vengeance. Life is too short not to react with delight when something truly new and special comes along. Sing, swing, shout, make noise! Get this disc."
--Wes Phillips, Stereophile (Recording of the Month)

"Medeski, Martin & Wood deliver a high-energy, light-hearted funk-meets-avant set by tweaking the customary organ trio lineup...Together they launch into a delightful collection of fluid tunes interspersed with free-ranging intergalactic improvisational excursions, with stopovers to the galaxies of Swing, Bebop, Hip-hop, Rock and R&B:"
--Dan Ouellette, Pulse

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