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A Very Big Pour. . .

While most of Davidson slept, a continuous stream of trucks rumbled onto campus recently to bring cement for the ground level floor of the college's new residence hall. The operation continued for eight hours, from 2 a.m. - 10 a.m., and covered the 60'-by-160' footprint of the building with concrete 27-inches deep.

The residence hall is expected to be available for 128 students in the fall term of 2000. Kurt Holmes, director of residential life, said its completion will allow the college to accommodate all students who request on-campus housing. There were a record 1602 students living on campus last spring, with additional students living in two college-owned perimeter houses. It will also provide attractive space for summer conference and camp participants.

The building will rise four floors on the former site of Lingle Manor, close to Richardson residence hall. It features single rooms on the outsides of the building, grouped around semi-private baths and living rooms connecting to a central corridor.

The college's public safety offices will be located on the ground floor of the new residence hall so that those offices are visible to students and visitors driving onto campus. The basement area will also contain conference rooms.

Construction costs are expected to be $4-$5 million, and will be financed with bonds and residence life reserve funds. The revenue it generates will service its debt, so that the building will not have to be treated as a capital fundraising project.
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