Math Coffee
Wednesday, January 23, 2013   -   4:15 PM
Location:  Chambers Classroom-3155

Hannah Swan, Wintrop University, speaks on Mathematical Modeling of Fabric

Abstract: Did you wonder how Disney made Rapunzel’s hair flow naturally through the water in Tangled without drawing every individual strand? Ever notice that video game characters have clothes that seem to stick to their bodies? To examine the interaction between fabric and a solid form, we use differential equations to model the drape of a circular sheet over a point from its center. Representing the surface of the fabric as a mesh, a series of mass points connected by springs, the differential equations of classical mass spring system are modified to model the motion of each mass point over time. We run the simulation using an agent-based modeling software, NetLogo, with a numerical method coded in to approximate a solution to the hundreds of equations at each time step. To determine the best mesh geometry, we compare meshes that mimic woven fabric structure and one based on the shape of the chosen pattern piece, an arc mesh to an actual fabric drape.

Event Type:  Meeting
Contact:  Yerger, Carl R