"The Purple Flower" by Marita Bonner
Sunday, December 09, 2012   -   6:15 PM
Location:  Chambers Hance Auditorium (CHAM-4121)

You are invited to attend a student-directed presentation of Marita Bonner's The Purple Flower. Written in 1927, the play explores an abstract world in which the Us, a tight-knit group of people, must find away to overthrow their oppressors, the Sundry White Devils. As an African-American woman, Bonner uses elements of power dynamics in our shared history from slavery to sharecropping when developing the story of the Us. The play's abstract quality generalizes these ideas for any oppressed group. Amelia Lumpkin is directing the 15 minute play as part of her Directing 1 class. Tianna Butler, Adriana Marquina, Megan Feichtel, Kweku Appiah and Joshua Baissana are acting in the play. 

Event Type:  Theatre
Contact:  Lumpkin, Amelia J
E-mail:  amlumpkin@davidson.edu