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German, b. 1944

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Rebecca Horn’s sculptures illuminate how the work of an established artist, traditionally defined as feminist/performance art, can be re-interpreted from a disability perspective. Like many artists with disabilities, Horn’s impairment has been relegated to the biographical, or perceived as a deficiency overcome, instead of an identity embraced. RE/FORMATIONS will investigate the dialogue Horn creates from the lived experience of her lung impairment, and how it intersects with other aspects of her identity. Rebecca Horn’s disability, like her gender and nationality, has invigorated her aesthetic – structurally and thematically.

Fried  :  Horn  Sanderson  :  Scott  :  Splan
Woman looking into a mirror with feathers on her shoulders
Film still from -Berlin (10 Nov 1974 – 28 Jan 1975) – Exercises in nine parts: Dreaming under water of things afar, 1974/75
Documentation of eight performances with an epilogue
Touching the walls with both hands simultaneously
Feathers dance on the shoulders
Keeping hold of those unfaithful legs
Two little fish remember a dance
Rooms meet in mirrors
Shedding skin between moist tongue leaves
Cutting one’s hair with two pairs of scissors simultaneously
When a woman and her lover lie on one side looking at each other, and she twines her legs around the man’s legs with the window wide open, it is the oasis
with Rebecca Horn, Guido Kerst, Lisa Liccini, Otto Sander, Veruschka von Lehndorff, Michel Würthle
Music: Hayden Chisholm
Production: Helmut Wietz
16 mm, colour, sound, 42 minutes
© 1974 Rebecca Horn