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RE/FORMATIONS fills a critical gap in the national discussion on disability. Why is it important that the disabled and non-disabled women featured in RE/FORMATIONS explore structures of normalcy – bodily, sexual, gendered, sculptural? What happens when disabled women, doubly “othered” in mainstream society by virtue of their gender and physicality, choose to explore that intersection in the historically male-dominated medium of sculpture, a medium that traditionally demands physical strength and significant financial means?



Look at the word: re/formations. Its back is broken, the prefix at once separate from but connected to the root. You look at the word in a new way; it’s the same word, but not the same; possible ways of fragmenting it suddenly become apparent; the text is not naturally fixed, but fluid, malleable, possible in different directions. That slash, disfiguring and reconfiguring, at once makes visible the word’s indeterminacy and expresses playful possibility. This is the way we invite you to enter Re/Formations: Disability, Women, and Sculpture. There are many things that are reformed and re-formed, ameliorated and reshaped, by virtue of this groundbreaking exhibit.

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Online Exhibition and
Educational Programming/

The goal of RE/FORMATIONS: Disability, Women, and Sculpture is to inform, educate, and challenge a cross-section of citizenry. There are five main projects that will be realized to meet these educational goals: the online exhibition catalog; the traveling trunk; the Rebecca Horn film screening; the opening night panel discussion; and the exhibition will travel to Richmond, California for an installation at The National Institute of Art & Disabilities.


Traveling Trunk Exhibition/

For those unable to travel to RE/FORMATIONS, there is a traveling trunk that includes photos, videos, and books to help convey the art and ideas presented in RE/FORMATIONS. This trunk can be easily transported to hospitals, schools, and homes.”

Panel Discussion Video/

A panel discussion was held on the opening night of RE/FORMATIONS, January 15, 2009 at 7pm.

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Exhibition Schedule/

Richmond, CA
March 30 – May 11, 2009

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