Davidson College

French 103 -- Smash the Language Barrier!


CRN: 10772


If you haven't taken French and want to jumpstart your learning, consider French 103 for the fall semester.


The title is "Intensive Beginning French."


It meets 5 days a week.

It counts as 2 courses.


Is it harder than a typical French course? No. It simply meets MWF and TTh, so you get double the exposure and practice than in a normal semester.


Most students who've taken the course find it's the most efficient way to learn French. You meet every day and, in addition, you have 4 Practice sessions (ATs) each week. So you don't have time to forget what you're learning and much of the homework is accomplished in the Practice Sessions


We speak French 100% of the time in class. Most of the in-class work is based on conversation.


By the end of the course, you'll be able to order a meal in a restaurant, write a letter to a French friend, and talk about your family, your friends, your activities, and your experiences -- all in French.


Here are a few comments from students who've taken the course:


"I absolutely loved it-from how much we learned to the organization of the course to the class environment."


"I loved it! It was very intensive and I was in 5 classes, but I am so happy I signed up for the course."


Discussions: "Always productive in that we get to practice speaking and have fun at the same time."



Class Meeting times:

MWF 10:30

TTh 10:00

TA's arranged around your schedule.


More info: Contact Frank Jacobus


Preferred E-mail: frankjac@bellsouth.net

Davidson E-mail (not checked as frequently): frjacobus@davidson.edu

Phone: (704-895-0556) I'm off campus this semester

Cell: (704) 301-0996 Please call 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. including Saturday and Sunday